Meet Brandon and Rebecca Tole – Owners of Bronzed and Featured Business Owners


Meet Brandon and Rebecca Tole, owners of Bronzed Spray Tanning in Mundelein IL and Featured Business Owners at SCORE Chicago this week. Learn how they started, and what tips they have for your success.

Brandon and Rebecca Tole of Bonzed


What is your company’s elevator pitch?

Bronzed specializes in custom spray tanning.  We offer several natural solutions to ensure that you look and feel great.

Bronzed Spray Tanning of Mundelien Il

What inspired you to start your business?

Rebecca says, “I am the wife of a Marine Corps Officer and we have lived together in Virginia, Florida (where we had our first daughter), and North Carolina (where we had our second daughter).  Now we are back to where we started our journey, in Illinois.  Our Mundelein home is located downtown and we have 500 square feet of dedicated commercial space we didn’t want to waste, so we took a chance and started Bronzed.  Now I get to share my passion for healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle by bringing value to our new community in Mundelein.

 “I was exposed to spray tanning when I was a figure and fitness competitor.  I trained for months and wanted to look my best under the unforgiving stage lights and spray tanning helped me achieve my goal.  I felt great about the service and how I looked and I am excited to help others with their needs.”

Who are your clients, and give an example of how you served that person or business?

Our clients are mostly female with various ages and needs.

Spray Tanning on client

We are sponsoring 2015 Miss Chicago’s Outstanding Teen, Sheridan Hurtig, and look forward to providing her with a great looking tan for her appearances and competitions.  We have also recently used our mobile services to spray tan the Loyola Dance Team after their last practice before they got on a plane for their National competition.

Building awarness for Bronzed Spray Tanning

From weekly (tans lasts about 7 to 10 days) spray tanning needs for those who always want to look their best to one time use for special occasions like high school reunions, weddings, or fitness competitions, we are here to meet your specific needs.

What is your biggest business challenge?

Our biggest challenge has been getting exposure to our market.  We want to have strong branding and utilize social media to grow our business and create value.  Another challenge has been booking and tracking clients to provide a greater and more personal service to current and future clients.

Mentor name, and how they have helped you in your business?

Peg Corwin has been vital to our success so far.  We have a very busy schedule and Peg has met with us on our terms, usually by phone in the late evenings.  She is the reason why we pop up on Google and has been very helpful in explaining and distilling information about the various social media platforms.  Even after the meetings, following her on her social media has also provided us value as she posts several articles that are relevant to our business.

Phil Hartung and Norm Leftosky have also helped us by lending their insights into the administrative aspects of starting our business such as book keeping and incorporating.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Start.  Even, “Ready, fire, aim” is better than “ready, aim, aim…”  There are lots of amazing people who are willing to help you along the way

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