Meet Daniel Felix – Owner of The Professional Trustee and Featured Business Owner


Meet Dan Felix – owner of the The Professional Trustee and Featured Business Owner at SCORE Chicago this week. Learn about his unique offering in the estate planning area and what tips he has for your success.

Daniel Felix, Professional Trustee and Trust Rescue Service

What is your company’s elevator pitch?

I help families navigate through their trusts. My Family Trust Rescue Service™ helps when the trust is not going well.  Our Successful Succession Service™ helps families better prepare for the inevitable.

Who are your clients and how have you served those persons or businesses?

My clients are families who are either (1) preparing for their transition or (2) involved in an active trust. Recently I’m helping a senior with advancing Parkinson’s disease and his family with their estate attorney to understand and direct what he wants to happen in preparation for serving as his power of attorney and successor trustee

What is your most successful sales strategy?

Sale of my service is easy when people inadvertently create trust disasters by taking the process for granted and ignoring trustee planning.  The disputes and emotions can escalate quickly under the pressure of the loss.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I also educate families about their ounce-of-prevention options.

Who is your Mentor and how they have helped you in your business?

Peg Corwin has been an invaluable help in broadcasting my message, getting me on line, onto various platforms (such as Twitter), which I never would be on without her.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Dan’s tip for other business owners – “Sounds naïve, but: don’t confuse having a helpful service with being able to communicate the value of that service.”

What is your website for further info?
Daniel P. Felix on Linkedin

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