Meet Leslie Cerier, Owner of Organic Gourmet and Featured Business Owner


Meet Leslie Cerier, owner of the The Organic Gourmet and Featured Business Owner at SCORE Chicago this week.  Learn her story and what tips she has for your success.

Leslie Cerier, the Organic Gourmet Chef

What is your company’s elevator pitch?

I’m Leslie Cerier, “The Organic Gourmet.”  I develop recipes, write cookbooks, lead cooking classes, speak and conduct chef trainings. I specialize in local, seasonal, organic, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cooking for health, vitality, and pleasure.

Gluten-Free Recipes for the Conscious Cook

Who are your clients, and give an example of how you served that person or business?

My clients are health conscious people of all ages wanting more inspiration for home cooking to enhance their health, wellness, expand their cooking repertoire with fun and easy to prepare recipes. They find me in my workshops and my website.

Recently, I taught a private hands-on cooking class to 3- 11 year olds. It was a birthday gift from one of the girl’s grandmother. We created a menu that would be fun and with lots of sensual and hands on experiences: smelling, tasting, stirring, rolling: vegetarian sushi, spring rolls, miso noodle soup, and an exotic Madagascar Pink Rice Dish with Cumin and Cashews.

What is your most successful sales strategy?


To embody a luscious and delicious lifestyle. To have lots of great cooking tips and recipes on my website with mouth watering photography, blog, keep up with social media, network, and give as many interviews as possible. Cook from my heart!

Who was your mentor and how they have helped you in your business?

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting -  the Organic Gourmet

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Peg Corwin was my mentor.  Peg has helped me by being a great listener, giving great marketing advice, reviewing website designs, helping me focus on my strengths and business purpose.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Ask for help and get a great team. It takes a village. Stay positive.

What is your website for further info?

Our business mentors can help you, too!

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