Ping Wu, Owner of Ping Wu Design Studio and Featured Business Owner

Ping Wu Design Studio is a wholesale and retail business producing and marketing innovative unisex fashion accessories that I design. These offer unique transformable options.
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Kari Lewis, Owner of Shu-Junkies and Featured Business Owner

Shu-Junkies, started by Kari Lewis, is a online store that specializes in high heels as well as custom and everyday footwear for women at affordable prices.
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Lori Klinka – Speaker, Trainer, Speaking Coach and Featured Business Owner

Lori Klinka helps people with one of the number one fears: public speaking. She is a speaker, trainer and speaking coach. Clients see immediate results.
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Bill Foshay, Owner of KiddieNotes and Featured Business Owner

KiddieNotes, created by Bill Foshay, is a software system that streamlines childcare centers’ workflow, freeing up more time for children. Learn more.
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Abbe Sennett, owner of Medical ID Fashions and Featured Business Owner

We save lives with fashionable medical ID bracelets, designed by artist Abbe Sennett, that convey critical medical information to emergency responders.
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Sara Hauber, Owner of The Hauber Method and Featured Business Owner at SCORE

Sara Hauber is owner of The Hauber Method, an online exercise program designed specifically to stop lower back pain and prevent its recurrence.
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SCORE Chicago Celebrates 50 Years at Galleria Marchetti

Watch this quick video and celebrate again the 50th Anniversary of SCORE with SCORE Chicago clients, mentors and partners!
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Ariane and Michael Fisher of Storymix Media, Featured Business Owners at SCORE Chicago

Storymix Media allows anyone to crowdsource every photo and video from anywhere and automatically turn the best moments into a custom edited video.
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Gary DeGregorio and Keith Ten Brook of Decision Innovation – Featured Business Owners

Decision Innovation, Inc. provides software, tools, and expertise that enable decision makers to navigate and accelerate complex business decisions.
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Dr. Sarah Allen, owner of Dr. Sarah Allen Counseling and Featured Business Owner

Dr. Sarah Allen of Dr. Sarah Allen Counseling, helps women define changes they want to make in their lives and assist them in making the changes a reality.
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Val Groth of Inspiration with Val and Featured Business Owner at SCORE Chicago

Val Groth helps you to create the life you have always wanted by dropping dead weight so that you can lead an energized, enriched, and impassioned life.
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Featured Business Owner Mike Lepley of The Adoption Lantern

The Adoption Lantern guides people across the US through domestic infant adoption, typically enabling them to adopt an infant in under twelve months.
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Richard Saetre of Impro Graphics – Featured Business Owner

Richard Saetre, owner of Impro Graphics, is a custom screen printer of stickers, decals, signs, placards, precut vinyl lettering, printed magnets, etc.
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Featured Business Owner Alex Dold of Apricot Grove

Alex Dold of Apricot Grove assists clients in achieving excellent health and wellbeing, offering time-tested solutions without drugs or surgery.
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Finalists Anounced in SCORE/City Treasurer Elevator Pitch Contest

Elevator Pitch, Finalists, SCORE, contest, $5000 prize
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Norm Zable of Chicago Yacht Share – Featured Business Owner

Norm Zable, owner of Chicago Yacht Share, provides sailing opportunities aboard a performance yacht without buying a boat or hiring a captain. Learn more.
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Greta Glimm of Dog & Kitty in the City – Featured Business Owner

Greta Glimm owns of Dog & Kitty in the City. It is your destination for everything your urban dog and kitty need to live fabulously. Click to learn more.
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Elevator Pitch Contest – Who Will Win $5000 1st Prize?

2nd Annual Elevator Pitch Plus Contest for Chicago Businesses. Win up to $5000
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Yomi Adeyemi of 4EverYoungRx – Featured Business Owner

Yomi Adeyemi, MD and owner of 4EverYoung, provides programs that help prevent and reverse such chronic diseases. Click to learn more.
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Amy and Derek Manning of Second Chance Art & Accessories – Featured Business Owners

Amy and Derek Manning create upscale artwork and home accessories using vintage architectural salvage. Click to see their black board art, coat racks, more.
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