Vita Verden of Senior Issues Etc – Featured Business Owner


Meet VITA VERDEN of SENIOR ISSUES ETC and Featured Business Owner at SCORE Chicago this week. Learn how she has built this business and what tips she has for your success.

Senior Isssues

What is the elevator pitch for your business?

We interview community leaders and experts in various professions on our own community access TV program. We bring current news that is critical to the health, financial security and life enrichment of Seniors.

Who are your clients, and give an example of how you served that person or business.

We serve Seniors who live in the Northern Chicago Suburbs.  Our shows may be found on YouTube at  Here’s a sample:

What is your most successful sales strategy? What works to brings you business?

We rely on free publicity through community organizations and local news media. We have been featured in local print media such as the Daily Herald and on-line media such as the Libertyville Patch, in an article called “Local Seniors Run Their Own Television Show.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned in business that might help others?

Always seek advice from outside your business or organization. There is a wealth of free information and counseling available to businesses and not-for-profits.

Who are your Mentors and how have they helped you in your business?

Norm Letofsky and Phil Hartung are my mentors.

Our Web Hosting Service changed ownership and raised their prices. We were unwilling to pay the higher prices. The new service was located in Australia and it became very expensive to communicate with them.

Our SCORE mentors asked us how long our website had been down. After we told them that our site had been down for 6 months, they suggested that we start over with a new URL and a new hosting service. They recommended that we “keep it simple” and use a template from an inexpensive and popular service.

You can watch our interview with Norm and Phil here:


What is your website, for further info?

Our business mentors can help you, too!

==> Schedule an appointment with a Chicago area mentor.

==> Ask a business question to an email counselor.

Disclaimer:   SCORE Chicago helps small business owners manage and grow their businesses.  We help startups write business plans and launch.  Nevertheless, our involvement should not be considered as an endorsement.


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