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SCORE Chicago has been serving the local small business community for over 50 years. Perhaps you have received FREE confidential counseling or have attended some of the business workshops.

SCORE is an all volunteer organization. However we do incur operating expenses in “marketing” our services to the small business community and in providing information technology for our operations. These costs are partially funded by modest charges for our workshops. The remainder comes from grants from business partners and individuals in our community.

If you have benefited from SCORE services or would like to support our services to Chicago’s small business community, we encourage your financial support so that we may continue to provide them with outstanding business counseling .

SCORE is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. You can help us help others with a tax deductible donation to SCORE Chicago. 

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Mail Contributions to:
SCORE Chicago Citicorp Center
500 W. Madison Suite 1150
Chicago, IL 60661
Make check payable to: SCORE Chicago

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