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1. Going into Business: Evaluate Yourself and Take the First Steps.
Mark Lieberman, SCORE Mentor.
This workshop helps you assess your prospects, will give you the initial direction needed and inspire you to move forward to realize your dream.

2. Marketing Essentials For Improved Competitiveness.

Tom Garrison, SCORE Mentor.
Learn how to refine your business definition, identify competitive advantages, and more effectively utilize your products or services, pricing, distribution capabilities and promotional activities in the marketplace.

3. Mastering Cash Management: Key to Survival and Success.

Mark Lieberman, SCORE Mentor.
This workshop shows how to improve results by the effective use of financial tools for forward planning, analysis and cash management. Success is never running out of cash.

4. Business Plan: A Road Map to You, Necessary for Loans.
Mark Lieberman, SCORE Mentor.
Good planning increases the odds of success. This workshop covers the essential elements of business plan development including setting goals and objectives, preparing marketing and financial plans and defining action steps to attain your goals.

5. Buying a Profitable Business: Find, Evaluate and Negotiate.
Dominic Renaldi, President/Managing Partner Chicagoland Sunbelt.
Learn about buying a business as an alternative to starting up a new business. Also learn how to analyze a business opportunity and negotiate a business purchase.

6. Human Resource (HR) Issues that can Make or Break Your Business.
Jim Austgen, SCORE Mentor.
This workshop covers the importance of good HR practices, when to use employment agreements, employee screening and other relevant topics.

7. Intellectual Property Protection.

Daliah Saper, an experienced intellectual property attorney specializing in trademarks and copyrights.
Learn how to effectively protect your trademarks, service marks, copyrights and other intellectual property.

8. Franchise Opportunities for New Entrepreneurs.

John McLellan of Frannet.
Learn how to identify and then research a franchise that is right for you.

9. Ten Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know.

Mike Sullivan, Chicagoland Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame member.
In business there are “nice to knows” and “MUST knows”. Business plans, cash flow techniques and strategic planning are must knows, but won’t be covered at this workshop. This workshop provides insights into doing business, which the typical entrepreneur may have never considered. Attending this seminar may mean the difference between stunning success and abysmal failure.

10. The Art of Selling without Really Selling.

Steve Fretzin of Sales Results, Inc.
This is an interactive workshop where they will explain how “sales” is dead and how the new model describes a more fluid and comfortable way to get in the door and walk a prospect through a buying decision.

11. 8 Steps to Develop a Steady Stream of New and Repeat Business in 90 Days.
Sasha Berson, CEO/founder of Berson Business Development.
Explore the reasons why most business owners struggle to attract new customers and grow revenues. Learn an 8-step systematic process that generates a steady flow of new and repeat business and how to create your action plan. Interactive, lively and entertaining.

12. Affordable Care Act: Basics for Business Owners.
CJ Evard, founder of IHU Consulting LLC.
The workshop focuses on four key provisions small (1-50 employees) businesses need to know, should help explain available tax credits, how to purchase insurance on SHOP and under what circumstances will they face an IRS fine.

13. You’ve Been Hacked! Why Didn’t You Know About It?
Grant Hoover, founder Symphony Systems, Inc.
Learn how to always get into your data and ensure hackers can not. Security for your network, systems, mobile devices, etc. as well as the things viruses do and how to defend against them. Learn some surprising aspects of computer security and the one thing that ensures you have your data even when all else fails!

14. Selecting Computer Equipment for Your Small Business.
Grant Hoover, founder Symphony Systems, Inc.
How to choose the right equipment and avoid overspending and obsolescence as well as minimizing your long term overall costs. We’ll talk workstations, servers, peripherals, mobile devices, etc. Learn what the specs mean without getting too technical. We’ll cover warranties, service offerings and hopefully answer your other questions.