Laura Bangart’s dream was to deliver top quality nursing help for mothers of newborns.  She founded Babies Only Chicago which provides overnight, in-home care for newborn infants by experienced registered nurses.  It also assists with lactation and establishment of a sleep schedule, and provides teaching to parents about basic infant care.

Laura recognized that starting a business is a daunting experience.  Although she had the knowledge and vision to make her business grow, she needed someone to listen and critique her ideas and to advise her on crucial business matters.  For that reason, Laura came to SCORE and was assisted by SCORE counselor Mark Lieberman.  How Mark was able to help Laura is best summarized in her own words:

“Mark Lieberman first helped me to review and refine my business plan. We discussed the logistics of every aspect of the business, including business structure, legal issues, logo design, insurance, possible financing, accounting, scheduling software, billing and time sheet issues, independent contractors vs. employees, and my targeted demographic.  Mark’s guidance and questions helped to keep me focused on what I wanted my business to be and how I wanted it to run.  Mark also brought up issues I hadn’t thought about which helped me consider my options and make a plan as well as a back-up plan.  Mark’s influence was integral to the evolution of my business.  My business evolved from idea to reality because of Mark Lieberman.”

Laura’s business is now thriving and is expected to rapidly grow.  Her website can be found at