Bella Café—Hopes and Dreams Fulfilled

Bella Café—Hopes and Dreams Fulfilled
Beginning in October 2008, Shawne and Andy Schillaci came to SCORE with their plan to acquire a restaurant business.

At first, they were counseled by Thomas Redler and Frank Parz at the Morraine Valley College branch of the Chicago Chapter of SCORE. In January 2009, Shawne and Andy purchased Bella Café in Orland Park, Illinois, but they needed continuing help with marketing, pricing and setting up a bookkeeping system. In March 2009 they again contacted SCORE and Brian Stinton was assigned to render whatever assistance he could.

After several onsite meetings with the Shillacis, followed up by e-mail correspondence, Brian was able to help them develop ideas for attracting customers, setup bookkeeping with QuickBooks and find solutions for the many challenges they had in starting their business.

Today, Bella Café is well on its way to meeting Shawne and Andy’s hopes and dreams. As they said about SCORE’s and, in particular, Brian’s role in their success:

“Score played a major role in making this possible…Brian has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us. He has been not only a wealth of information and knowledge of business and computers but kind and determined to help us get over the many hurdles of a new business. We now know the importance of the business aspect of running a small business.”