ChillinJoy—From a chilling idea to a hot business

ChillinJoy—From a chilling idea to a hot business
Turning an ordinary problem into a profitable business is nearly everyone’s dream.

But that’s exactly what Christopher and Christin Poterek were able to do. The Potereks are avid outdoors people and wine enthusiasts who were continually frustrated by their inability to keep their wines sufficiently chilled during their outings over an extended period of time. However, they are also avid swimmers, and it occurred to them that the insulating properties of their wet suits might also be applied to keeping wines chilled. So they experimented by inserting a room-temperature bottle of wine into a wetsuit together with packs of ice and discovered the next day that the wine was still cold.

That was the birth of ChillinJoy, and that’s when they came to SCORE for advice in getting their business off the ground. Christopher and Christin’s own words best describe what they were able to accomplish with the help of SCORE counselor Arthur Krause supplemented by the special expertise of SCORE counselor Elliot Shear:

“We came to SCORE without any kind of business background of our own. Our SCORE advisors, Arthur [Krause] and Elliot [Shear], and the SCORE workshops were key in helping us think through each of the necessary steps in bringing our product idea to life, from working with a patent attorney to developing a prototype to determining a pricing model and distribution strategy. With SCORE’s counsel, we determined what our product manufacturing costs must be in order to meet our optimal retail price. As a result, ChillinJoy is generating sales revenue via local Chicago wine retailers and specialty stores as well as online. SCORE really helped us develop a roadmap for success in bringing a new consumer product to market We are pleased to report that after just three months since our product launch, ChillinJoy is available for sale in nine individual wine retailers in the Chicago area and we are receiving positive feedback from customers and relevant bloggers online.”

To see how cleverly the Potereks are marketing their product, check out their website at