Cleaning Service Owner with Disability Gets a Boost with Score's Help

Cleaning Service Owner with Disability Gets a Boost with Score's Help
Business advice, marketing help, and encouragement – Gene Davis, a disabled African American, found this and more when he began working with Elliot Shear, a SCORE counselor.

Shear helped Davis create marketing materials and turn his disability, a major hearing impairment, into a positive selling point.

Shear volunteers for SCORE, a non-profit association of successful business
executives who provide free one-on-one counseling, teach low-cost workshops and supply other resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Davis learned about SCORE from the newspaper and decided to seek counseling to start a cleaning service. At the first meeting, Davis asked Shear for advice on how to form the business and build clientele.

During subsequent meetings, Shear assisted Davis in producing brochures and examining his earning potential. Shear also encouraged Davis to pursue his business and helped him develop his confidence. “He’s getting new customers, his self-esteem has improved, and he is willing to make an investment to help his business grow.”

With SCORE’s advice, Davis has become a more confident, organized entrepreneur. “Elliot is a very nice man, very professional, and very understanding of my disability,” said Davis. “He is on my side and shows me how to run the business.” Shear said Davis’ focus and desire to be successful has helped him garner 10 regular clients. His northside cleaning services are used both by individuals and businesses like Test Positive Aware Network. To facilitate growth, Davis has signed up for an answering service and a pager so that current and potential clients can reach him.

Davis plans to continue his counseling sessions with Shear, who takes notes for Davis to review in case he has difficulty hearing. Davis’ goals are to get more clients and hire other hearingimpaired African Americans to help them become independent as well.

“I consider myself a success,” said Davis. “I wanted to improve myself and my service, and SCORE has helped me do that. I feel like my business will only continue to grow.”

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