Dave Trudeau was in the construction business and saw the need to provide superior building products. He discovered a laminate film, manufactured by a Canadian company, that makes existing windows smash, burglar, bomb, explosion and hurricane resistant, as well as providing measurable energy efficiency—a product in which Dave saw tremendous potential.

Dave formed his company, Clear Armor LLC, to market and install the product. He had a clear vision of what his new company could become, and in August 2011 he sought the help of SCORE to advise him in the startup and growth of his enterprise. He received the assistance of SCORE counselors Phil Hartung, Norm Letofsky and Tom Garrison, who met with Dave on a regular basis to advise him on sales and marketing, obtaining working capital, operations and overall management of his company. Since then, Clear Armor has experienced rapid growth. Its customers now include large corporations and various government agencies. It continues to market to those homeowners, companies and organizations that require a high level of security against unwanted intrusion or unexpected weather events. The company now employs three installation crews of two to four workers each and plans to add more installation teams as the demand for its product continues to increase.

Dave had this to say about the help he received from his SCORE counselors: “I am very appreciative of the encouragement and support that I received from my SCORE mentors. In our first year of business, we kept coming up with new challenges and difficulties. Even so, each time we met, my mentors told me how well we were doing. Whenever I brought up a problem I was having, my mentors kept working with me until between us we came up with a solution.”

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