Corrado Cutlery—The Cutting Edge of Success

Corrado Cutlery—The Cutting Edge of Success
Corrado Cutlery ran as a successful “brick  and mortar” store in Chicago from 1905 until 2004.

After running a related part-time online store for a few years, Corrado’s owner, Jim Bilger, decided to bring Corrado back as a web store offering all the goods and services of an old world fine cutlery and gift business. It was Jim’s desire to reestablish a going online concern that would give him flexibility in his busy schedule as well as balance in his life.

In 2009, Jim sought the counseling of SCORE to assist him in expanding his business concept. His SCORE advisor has been Larry Lakin, who has provided Jim with marketing concepts, cash management and guidance in obtaining new financing. During the two years that Larry has been working with Jim, Corrado Cutlery has developed a new website, expanded its production selection, and has grown over 300%.

Jim had this to say about SCORE’s contribution to his success: “SCORE has played a pivotal role by providing experienced and thoughtful advice on a full range of business concerns. As an independent business owner currently working on my own, it is extremely helpful to have such a professional sounding board to help me stay focused on the big picture as well as the small details. I highly recommend SCORE to anyone seeking sound advice and feedback for business ideas.”

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