Fitness Assets—A Business Fit for Growth

Fitness Assets—A Business Fit for Growth
Bruce Gehrig founded Fitness Assets to provide asset  management and MRO software to the fitness industry.

His idea  was to create an easy to use, web-based program that assists  health club and recreational facility managers gain greater control  over their equipment inventory, maintenance and repairs. When  Bruce first came to SCORE in 2007 his first product, Fitness  Asset Manager, was under initial development and he needed  help in effectively marketing his product.

Bruce’s counselor, Iain Lopata, was able to utilize his business skills and  experience to help focus Bruce’s efforts and to act as a sounding board for his  ideas. As Bruce said: “Iain Lopata and SCORE have been instrumental in  helping us to convert an “idea” to a “business”. Without their help, we would  have wasted a tremendous amount of energy, time and money. Iain serves as a  mentor, educator and advocate. We can’t put a value on how much his help has  been to us.”

Thanks in large part to Iain’s help, today Fitness Assets has four employees, is  installed in 35 health clubs in four states and has a promising pipeline of new  opportunities, with projected revenue of $250,000 in the year 2010. You can find  them on the internet at