FLAHERTY, INC.—Helping to Save a Business

After the sudden death of her husband three years ago, Catherine Flaherty and her daughter took on the responsibility of carrying on his business of manufacturing mustard and other condiments in Skokie, Illinois.

Having little business experience, they came to SCORE in July 2008 and drew upon the expertise of counselors Jack Katz and Norman Patinkin. Jack and Norm assisted them in almost all aspects of their business, including determining costs, controlling inventory, expanding the customer base and managing finances.

With their help, Catherine and her daughter were able to put the business on a sound financing footing, turning losses into profit. What Jack and Norm were able to accomplish is best expressed in Catherine’s own words:

“The experience and guidance of Mr. Katz and Mr. Patinkin was pivotal in bringing needed change and improvement to our business methods and structures. When we approached SCORE, the business was in turmoil. Mr. Katz and Mr. Patinkin did their own analysis of Flaherty, Inc. and then helped us hire an accounting firm that understands our needs and is responsive to small business. They worked with the accounting firm to clarify and strengthen our system and continued to analyze our monthly and quarterly reports.

Their experience and input has been invaluable in building confidence to deal with customers. We’re getting better at it and we know we are working with solid information. Building on the foundation they helped to create, we are looking to the future and look forward to expanding our customer base.

We are most grateful for the professional consulting received from Mr. Katz and Mr. Patinkin through SCORE and hope to continue the relationship in the future.”