Fraiche Kitchen—A Fresh Idea That Paid Off

Fraiche Kitchen—A Fresh Idea That Paid Off
Taking advantage of the public’s growing desire for healthy foods, Dennis Ryan and Megan Munitz created Fraiche Kitchen to educate their clients, through innovative seminars and other educational offerings, about healthy eating and living.

Their goal was to empower clients with the knowledge and enthusiasm to make delicious, healthy food choices. But the entrepreneurs needed help to broaden their product offerings and determine pricing in these new markets.

SCORE counselor Marge Schneider assisted Dennis and Megan in refining a new workplace seminar series on Healthy Sustainable Farmer’s Market Eating. She encouraged them to expand educational offerings to include not only home and school, but also work.

Dennis and Megan soon found that many of Chicago’s top employers were thrilled to be able to offer such timely, essential and fun programming that addresses their employees’ wellness and work-life balance needs. Today, Fraiche Kitchen can barely keep up with the demand.

As the entrepreneurs said, “Marge Schneider worked diligently to help us refine out marketing strategy, focus our efforts, and set and achieve goals. She is an indispensable sounding board— sharing her real-world experiences to assist us in effectively reaching our ideal clients. We are grateful for her support and thank her for her enthusiastic guidance.”

To learn more about their healthy eating offerings for your home, school or business. Phone: (312) 618-8400