Fresh Tech Maid Services To Provide True Non-Toxic Green House Cleaning

Fresh Tech Maid Services To Provide True Non-Toxic Green House Cleaning
Wells Ye needed guidance in fulfilling his ambition to start a business providing true non-toxic green House Cleaning services in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

He sought the advice of SCORE counselor Earl Schraiberg.

Earl helped Wells research the problems and potential of the business. Wells conducted an extensive study of businesses providing similar services and attended trade seminars. Wells quickly identified that there is a need for high quality non-toxic green house cleaning. Based on this finding, Wells, with Earl’s help, developed the proprietary STAR House Cleaning SystemTM:

1. Safe and True Non-toxic Green House Cleaning: protect your family and pets for a healthier home environment.

2. Trustworthy and Well Trained Employees who understand customer service and know how to use non-toxic green cleaners.

3. Advanced Allergy Relieving Equipment that captures 99.97% air borne contaminants and allergens.

4. Revolutionary cross-contamination control to reduce the spread of germs and virus that cause seasonal illness.

STAR House Cleaning System TM is the corner stone of Wells’ business model. It ensures the highest quality of service in the house cleaning industry. During this process, he continued to consult with Earl and receive his suggestions and advice.

Today, Wells is on his way to developing a successful business that provides the highest quality standard in the industry. As Wells said of Earl’s contribution:

“Many people say entrepreneurs are lonely. It is true, unless an entrepreneur has the right Score counselor on your side. My Score counselor, Earl Shraiberg, is one of the cornerstones of my startup. In the most challenging times, I have him to consult with. This made a huge difference.”

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