General Financial—A Business on the Move

General Financial—A Business on the Move
Sabetay Palatchi had worked for a firm selling financial products to  government employees and saw the need for better processing with  improved client service.

In 2008, he and his wife Jennifer started  General Financial, an online business to make such loans easily  accessible over the internet.

What distinguishes their business from other lending sources is that  they developed a website infrastructure to expedite loan applications  and evaluation, and to streamline customer service.

It was their need to market their business that lead Sabetay and Jennifer to SCORE. Counselors Peg Corwin and Mitchel Gold helped them attract clients through online advertising and marketing. Carlos Bastidas helped them with the overall company business plan and strategy, and Bob Paul with credit policy.

The web is now General Financial’s main source of new business. Internetmarketing has dramatically reduced its advertising costs and increased its income. The company has fifteen full-time employees and three offices, and it expects to continue its growth and solidify its position in the market over the coming years.

Here is what Sabetay and Jennifer had to say about SCORE’s efforts:

“We have only great things to say about the SCORE Chicago Team. They are a group of highly trained and experienced professionals with the sole objective of helping companies succeed. When we started the company, we did not have the resources to hire top quality employees or consultants to assist us in building the business. We knew about SCORE Chicago and gave them a call right away. They grasped our business concept immediately and provided a list of resources that could help us.

“We engaged SCORE primarily for the definition and execution of our marketing strategy. They trained us, explained the ins and outs of online advertising, and followed up with us on a regular basis to assure our success. Then we discovered that they could help us improve our website infrastructure and improve our credit policies.

“We now are a full web-based operation and we thank SCORE for the support and guidance every step of the way.”

For a fuller description of the business, see the website,