Going Green Made Easy

Going Green Made Easy
Maria Onesto Moran had an ambition to combine entrepreneurship with environmental responsibility.

She calls her business “Green Home Experts” and sells products — like flooring, tile and cleaning supplies — that are good for the family and good for the earth.

In March 2007, Maria came to SCORE for assistance in starting her business. Her counselor was (and still is) Marge Schneider, who spent a considerable amount of time with Maria over a period of several months.

Today, Maria’s business is growing, and the Grand Opening of her Oak Park showroom is scheduled for February 2008. The appreciation she has for Marge’s contribution is best expressed in Maria’s own words:

“While I’ve been fortunate enough to have a cadre of advisors for my business, no one has been more helpful, enthusiastic or encouraging as Marge. She helped me break up the enormous concept of creating a retail store into manageable bits and pieces. When I look at the tremendous amount of work I have accomplished since I started seeing Marge, it’s at first overwhelming. But all along the way, Marge has brought out my strengths and helped me to improve my weaknesses. Her creative ideas and desire to succeed have helped Green Home Experts to become a success…..Part of me wants to tell every new business owner to go see Marge—but another part of me wants to keep her to myself!”

Her various products are made of non-toxic, recyclable, energy efficient, natural and sustainable materials. Her products include building materials, paints, cork flooring, natural tile, carpeting, recycled glass, nursery and bedroom furniture, bedding, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, personal care supplies and more. Her market is both residential and commercial. Maria is dedicated to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility and is equipped to oversee “Green Home Experts” projects from start to finish.

You can find Maria’s products at 1026 Troost Ave. Forest Park, IL 60130. Website: www.GHExperts.com .