Haven Art Group—The Art of Starting a Successful Business

Haven Art Group—The Art of Starting a Successful Business
Drawing on her experience as a paintings specialist at  Sotheby’s of London, a supervisor of appraisers at Chubb Insurance and director of the art services division of  American International Group,

where she advised on the management and protection of private art collections worth  from $10 million to $1.2 billion, Claire Marmion started her  own business, Haven Art Group, in 2009. The purpose of the  business is to provide art management services for high net worth individuals with major art collections and for  internationally-known art collectors, as well as art claims  services for major insurers. Claire refers to herself as “a  curator for hire”.

In October 2008, Claire came to SCORE seeking help in getting her business off the  ground. As Claire said, “I first stumbled onto Score completely by accident through a friend’s recommendation. It was one of the most brilliant discoveries of my first year in business—a bright glow while wading through the slow and sticky tar that is building and  then running your own office for the first time.”

Her primary SCORE counselor has been Mitchell Morris, with whom Claire has been working on a monthly basis. According to Claire, “Mitch and the SCORE team were  absolutely vital in keeping me focused, in providing tips for maintaining discipline and  solving problems in bite-sized chunks—a business partner to brainstorm ideas with. And  it’s not over yet. I hope I shall be sapping their energy for many prosperous business deals to come.”

Since its founding, Haven Art Group has grown substantially, opening offices in New York and Chicago.

To learn more about Claire’s business, see her website at http://www.havenartgroup.com.