i-NET Sales Partners--An On-Line Success Story

i-NET Sales Partners--An On-Line Success Story
Utilizing the expanding possibilities offered by the internet, Cary Pfeffer was able to develop a unique niche in the business community.

His idea was to establish a high-end liquidation business catering to individuals as well as companies in selling their aged and distressed merchandise via the internet on a consignment basis. With that objective in mind, i-NET Sales Partners was initiated in August 2007, and immediately sought the assistance of SCORE.

Counselors Mitchell Gold and Carlos Bastidas started by helping Cary write his business plan and to obtain the necessary financing. They then advised him in his negotiations to purchase an existing business, resulting in his saving about $60,000 in the sale price. They then worked with him to find a suitable location for his business operations at a considerable savings in rental.

As a result of their counseling, Cary has expanded the nature and scope of his business, has hired employees, and is well on his way to building a successful enterprise. In commenting on the efforts of Mitchell and Carlos, Cary put it very bluntly when he said, “It wouldn’t have happened without them.”

Visit i-NET Sales Partners at http://inetsalespartners.com.