International Grain Markets History Expert Turns to SCORE's Experts

International Grain Markets History Expert Turns to SCORE's Experts
Hugh Ulrich, president of Commodity Center LLC, is one of the world’s experts on the history of international grain markets.

Like most experts, when he had questions about the best way to be a business that would market a highly specialized and unique new product – a spectacular 500-year chart that traces the history of wheat trading since 1477 – he went to experts in those fields to find the best answers. He went to SCORE.

For more than 20 years Commodity Center LLC, a family-owned business based in Lake Village, IN, has been producing and publishing reference guides and other high-quality educational materials for traders and investors. The firm’s The Practical Grain Encyclopedia has long been one of the industry’s standard references. But the The 500 Year Chart was a new type of product for the company. Painstakingly researched by Mr. Ulrich, the 39-1/2” X 26” chart is a work of art that traces the history of wheat trading to some fifteen years before Columbus sailed for the New World. It is designed in the style of an antique map and comes mounted and suitable for framing. “No other market can begin to muster a price history that is so long term, unbroken and reliable,” Ulrich reports. “It is literally a map of world history.”

But how to market The 500 Year Chart, how to produce it in a way that would deliver this high-end product at a cost efficient price, and how to fulfill orders were questions Hugh Ulrich brought to SCORE.

Ulrich’s SCORE counselors were Al Grossman and Jack Navarre from the Chicago office. Over five counseling sessions—both face-to-face and phone—they critiqued and made suggestions about the marketing plan, production (and production resources), fulfillment details and the creation of a web site——that will be the primary marketing medium.