Kookaburra Play Café

Kookaburra Play Café

Joanna and Andrea Dayco opened Kookaburra Play Café in Chicago as a place where children can play, create, explore, listen to stories and have a play date.

It is also a place where parents can meet and celebrate special occasions, such as baby showers and birthdays, and have a cup of coffee and bake shop goodies. Kookaburra is the name of an Australian bird with a distinctive laugh which actually sounds like human laughter.

Joanna and Andrea developed a business plan based on extensive market research, which enabled them to be approved for an SBA loan. During this process, Joanna and Andrea consulted with SCORE counselor Earl Shraiberg, who mentored them and gave them, and continues to give them, needed guidance and encouragement.

Thanks to Joanna and Andrea’s passion and drive, together with the solid counseling of Earl Shraiberg, their business is flourishing and continuing to become everything that Joanna and Andrea had hoped for.

The website can be found at kookaburraplaycafe.com