Vianne Korhorn Art

Vianne Korhorn Art

Nancy Green is an accomplished artist who exhibits her Paintings in the on-line Vianne Korhorn Art Gallery and her Fine Art Prints on-line at Fine Art America.

Nancy paints many varied subjects, from urban landscapes to fantasy. Her beautiful and innovative art has been shown at both local and national galleries and art exhibits.

As excellent an artist as Nancy is, she realized that she needed help in marketing and selling her art work. For that purpose, she came to SCORE, where she was counseled by SCORE counselor Marge Schneider. Marge soon became Nancy’s business mentor, helping her develop a plan for marketing her art work and growing her business.

Nancy herself best summarized the assistance that Marge provided when she wrote: “As a fine artist, I have found it challenging to switch over to the business side of art. Marge has been instrumental in helping me to develop a sound business sense. With her input I’ve been able to organize several aspects including art inventory, promotional materials and financial data records. Marge encouraged me to actively pursue exhibition venues and collectors, which has resulted in art sales and commissions. Her ongoing support keeps me pointed in the right direction and gives me a balance between the art of business and creation.”

Since working with Marge Schneider, Nancy has seen her business grow and looks forward to an increasingly successful career.

For a glimpse of the beautiful art that Nancy creates, go to her websites at and