Lake Mountain LTD—Helping to Develop Techniques for Success

Lake Mountain LTD—Helping to Develop Techniques for Success
Lake Mountain is a unique organization which specializes in working with professional and large membership associations.

It provides large organizations with customized research and quality data analysis to allow them to perform better and expand their membership or customer base. Its founders, Maryjane Osa and Thomas Durkin, are University of Chicago PhDs. Maryjane is the CEO with a background in organizational sociology and expertise in research design, strategic analysis and project management. Tom is Director of Research and IT with extensive experience in research methodology.

Maryjane and Tom sought SCORE’s assistance in improving their presentation techniques and in marketing their services. Their SCORE counselor has been Esh Noojibail. As a result of SCORE’s seminars and Esh’s one-on-one mentoring, Lake Mountain has been able to make the transition from an academic research environment to one which is pragmatic and business oriented. Esh not only advised them on the most effective way to make client presentations but also assisted with pricing, budgeting and positioning in the marketplace.

Maryjane and Tom lauded Esh’s contribution to their success when they said: “Esh Noojibail, with a well-trained eye, helped to refine the product and services and critiqued Lake Mountain’s business plan. To better serve busy managers, he taught us how edit our narratives to make the presentation reports more concise, eye-catching and reader-friendly. Esh’s advice was always to promise less, deliver more and exceed the client’s expectations.”

Learn more about Lake Mountain by viewing their website, or sending email inquiries to: [email protected].