Martha’s Jerk Chicken & Turkey Legs—A Tasty Way To Success

Martha’s Jerk Chicken & Turkey Legs—A Tasty Way To Success
Charlene Tracey, together with her mother, Mirriam Murphy and brother, Donnavan Balfour, sought the advice of a SCORE counselor to fulfill their desire to open a Jerk Chicken restaurant on the south side of Chicago.

They felt they had proven recipes for Jerk seasoning and sauce, and hoped to use them in their own restaurant business.

SCORE counselor Brian Stinton worked with them to establish a sales plan, cost structure and cash flow analysis. He also assisted them in setting up an accounting system through an online accounting service.

After great success catering private events and picnics, Charlene and her family became convinced that their products would sell, and in September 2008 they proceeded to open their restaurant at 2414 W. 71st Street in Chicago.

Brian continues to advise them in all aspects of their business, which has been growing daily. According to Charlene, “Brian Stinton provided us with the business case analysis and the motivation to move forward in opening our business.”