Organic Garden—A Successful Business Taking Root

Organic Garden—A Successful Business Taking Root
Suzanne Nicksic had an ambition to build a successful business on her deep interest in gardening and organic products.

She became the Midwest distributor for Terra Biotics, the manufacturer of natural biological lawn and garden products, including an organic fertilizer known as Bio-Tea. As Suzanne describes the product, when it is added to the soil, it “naturally stimulates plant growth, ensures plant health, detoxifies the soil and essentially recreates the natural environment that plants have evolved through and thrived in for millions of years.”

Suzanne needed help in developing a business plan and understanding the financials of running a business. She sought help from SCORE and obtained the assistance of volunteer counselor, Earl Shraiberg.

With Earl’s help, Suzanne was able to launch her business, which literally has taken root and is rapidly expanding. As Suzanne said, “Earl really helped me understand what it meant to finance a start-up company and how to do it correctly.”

Thanks in large part to Earl’s efforts, Suzanne is now enjoying the fruits of being an independent owner of a thriving business. Soon, she will be selling and distributing other organic products connected with plant growth, such as insect repellants and weed killers that are harmless to beneficial insects. Visit her at