Ping Wu moved to Chicago from China in 2004. Although she began her career as a physical therapist, her real ambition was to become a fashion designer. She designed a unique transformable fashion accessory, which she calls WrapPing. Its unusual design allows the wearer to configure it as a scarf, a hoodie, a shawl, an arm warmer, a decorative necktie, or whatever else the user might imagine.

But Ping realized that she needed help in developing her business. She had heard of SCORE in 2007 and decided to seek its assistance. Her SCORE counselor was, and still is, Mitchell Morris. Mitchell has worked with Ping to develop her concept and to begin and develop her business.

At first, Ping’s products were hand-made, but after she received an order from QVC, the TV shopping network, she found a manufacturer in China to make the WrapPing at a mass market cost. There was only 25% of normal production time left, but she was able to successfully produce and deliver the product to QVC on time. QVC then put her on TV to promote the WrapPing. She had only 6 minutes of air time, but that was enough. QVC sold their entire inventory, giving her the No. 1 seller status on their hour-long accessory show, and generating on-going orders to her website afterwards.

Ping says she has benefited tremendously from SCORE’s services. As she stated: “When I began my business, Mr. Morris had to teach me how to make a price list and what an order looked like. It was his knowledge, experience and personable personality which gave me the confidence and support I needed when I was overwhelmed by ideas and opportunities. I consider myself very lucky to have known Mr. Morris and have him as my mentor.”

Ping Wu’s website is: