Quick Snippers—The Cutting Edge of Business

Quick Snippers—The Cutting Edge of Business
One of the more unique examples of innovative enterprise can be found in the product developed by Lisa Avery and Miriam Smith.

It is a tool consisting of six popular varieties of scissors combined into a single tool (similar to a Swiss knife which contains different kinds of blades) for use by those who enjoy keeping scrapbooks. As any devoted “scrapbooker” knows, there is a scissor for every purpose, and the multi-scissor tool which Lisa and Miriam designed, and for which a patent is pending, can be extremely useful and convenient to the scrapbook hobbyist. One of its more attractive features is its ergonomic, thumb-activated design which makes it easy to use by seniors and left-handed people. (To see what the invention looks like, check out the “Quick Snippers” website.)

Needing advice in the marketing, sales and packaging of their invention, and in improving its design so as to be more consumer-friendly, Lisa and Miriam came to SCORE and received the business expertise of SCORE counselor Earl Shraiberg. The benefits they derived from Earl’s consultation are described in their own words:

“He has provided us with invaluable input and information and has clearly defined every aspect of our particular course of action and all questions posed to him in that regard. He has provided us with endless resources for our future pursuits, while at the same time offering his expertise and support along our way to continued success. The support, knowledge and dedication we got from SCORE was incredible.”

Lisa and Miriam have already sold 100 units, anticipate selling over 2,000 more at an upcoming tradeshow, and are confident that their business will continue to grow.