Sausage Maker Serves Hot Samples, Gets SBA Loan

Sausage Maker Serves Hot Samples, Gets SBA Loan
With hot samples but no business plan, Charles King, owner of south-side based CW Sausage Company,

got an SBA Business Express Loan of $5,000 to expand marketing with help from his SCORE counselor. SCORE is a nonprofit association of successful business executives who provide free one on-one counseling, teach low-cost workshops and supply other resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

In 2004, King started making sausages with “healthy alternatives to pork” and providing them to groceries on the south side and south suburbs, including Fairplay Finer Foods and Walt’s Market in Homewood. He was present at the Chatham Business Association when Virginia Newman of SCORE announced a financing seminar. After he attended her workshop, he made an appointment to meet her for counseling.

In the meat business for 30 years, King rented production facilities at night to make his sausages, doing sales and deliveries himself. Last year his son, Charles Junior, joined him to help with order taking and bookkeeping.

King arrived at the appointment with hot samples of his Cajun and Jamaican sausages. Not only did Newman work with King on an SBA loan application, she also gave him a monthly order for his products, passing out samples to neighbors and friends. The loan came through and so did more orders for his spicy and appetizing sausages.

King and Newman are now working on a business plan and cash flow projections. Committed to growing his business, King is reinvesting profits into the company and taking no salary.

King is successful, Newman states, “because he has a great product.” To taste them for yourself, call CW Sausage at 773-606-4030.