SCORE Helps a Newcomer to the U.S.

SCORE Helps a Newcomer to the U.S.
When Angelica Taylor-Cortes and her two sisters opened a successful language school in Mexico City, Angelica never dreamed she would one day open a similar business in Chicago.

But that is exactly what she did with help and encouragement from her three SCORE counselors – Bob Rakstang, Helen Morse and Marge Schneider.

Shortly after moving with her American husband from Mexico City to Chicago,
Angelica decided to create Customized Spanish Instruction — a language school for businesses that provides customized language instruction in the customer’s workplace. Being new to the United States, she turned to SCORE for help in setting up her new venture.

“When I saw that I got three SCORE counselors who were focused on helping me to succeed, I couldn’t believe it was true!” said Angelica. “My counselors were wonderful. They embraced my business as if it were their own and have helped me be successful.”

An accomplished MBA and a seasoned entrepreneur, Angelica already had a business plan when she came to SCORE. “As a newcomer to the United States, it was helpful to have the input of my SCORE counselors to be sure I was on track and meeting all the U.S. requirements for starting a business,” said Angelica.

“In addition, my SCORE counselors gave me great feedback, which gave me a lot of confidence,” added Angelica.

Angelica worked closely with Marge to name her company and develop her marketing materials. “Marge asked me great questions, which helped me define and expand my business offerings. In addition, Marge helped me stay on track. She met with me every week and kept me focused on moving forward as I developed my logo, brochure, business cards and website. Marge is an extraordinary person to work with. She motivates and inspires.”

In addition, Angelica role played with Bob and Helen to refine her new business presentation. ”Role playing with Bob and Helen was so helpful. I was able to make my mistakes with them rather than with a customer. They gave me great advice and made my presentation much better. As a result, I was more secure and confident when I actually began meeting with potential customers.”

Angelica also attended two SCORE workshops – “Accounting, Insurance and Taxes” and “Guerilla Marketing in 30 days”.

“Working with SCORE has been an extraordinary experience for me. I would recommend SCORE to anyone starting a business. They truly make a difference,” said Angelica.