Sick Gear - Creating a successful business out of a novel vision

Sick Gear - Creating a successful business out of a novel vision
Jim Glasgow had a vision to create a business selling specially-designed apparel to athletes engaged in the martial arts and other strenuous sports.

The apparel would be both functional and fashionable and would be sold via a website and directly through gyms under the logo “Sick Gear”–a logo inspired by Japanese kanji, the traditional script of the Samurai warrior. The nature and design of the apparel are intended to inspire and encourage athletes to develop “a positive and relentless approach to personal improvement each and every day,” and “to strive to personify those qualities in everything we make and in everything we do.”

In order to realize his vision, Jim needed the help of experienced business counselors to advise and guide him through the process of initiating and developing his concept. That is where SCORE and counselor Earl Schraiberg came in. Jim attended SCORE workshops and Earl helped him put together a business plan and develop a marketing program.

In large part due to the assistance SCORE and Earl in particular provided, Jim’s business has now been launched is already showing positive results.

The website for this business is: