SITU BioSciences—Meeting the Test in the Marketplace

SITU BioSciences—Meeting the Test in the Marketplace
Seeing a need in the market for laboratory services with expertise in manufacturing and product development for microbial and biodegradable applications, Donald Satchell founded a testing laboratory under the name of Situ Biosciences LLC.

However, as Don soon learned, getting customers for a new laboratory such as his can be challenging, and he realized he needed help.

Don turned to SCORE and received the experienced assistance of Mitchel Gold, Carlos Bastidas and Peg Corwin. This is how Don described the help he received:

“SCORE enabled our business to develop quality marketing and effective financial documents, improving our chances of success at the very beginning of our business operations. As two examples, Mitch Gold and Carlos Bastidas provided extensive guidance and insight helping to assemble our business plan and making our documents more concise with higher impact, and in directing our efforts to the proper loan agencies. From this work we acquired a small business loan from First Bank and Trust in Evanston, IL. For our marketing, Peg Corwin’s expertise dramatically improved our website and marketing strategy, greatly increasing its internet presence and connection to Google and other search engines. Without their help, we would have spent significant time muddling through the processes and likely not achieved the same degree of impact and professionalism.”

Don reports that in the eight months his laboratory has been in business, he has already acquired ten customers and is seeing steady increases in inquiries by new potential customers.

Learn more about Don’s business at his Situ Biosciences website.