The Local Tourist

The Local Tourist
The Local Tourist, LLC began as a hobby after its founder, Theresa Carter, moved to Chicago from Indianapolis.

What was just a business directory for one neighborhood has grown into a resource for the city and beyond, featuring, in addition to the business listings, an events calendar, multi-contributor magazine filled with news from a hand-picked team of city experts, photo galleries, and a developing social network. The company also hosts signature Chef’s Table events showcasing local restaurants, and introduces beer fans to amazing craft brews with AlphaBeer. Theresa’s primary goal is to help people spend less time searching for things to do and more time actually doing them.  In short, she wants to “help people experience the fascination of a tourist while feeling the comfort of the local.”

The Local Tourist’s success is owed in large part to the advice and assistance of SCORE counselor Peg Corwin, who worked with Theresa in many ways to make her business productive and effective. Theresa herself described the help she received from Peg as follows:

“Due to advice from Peg I began putting systems in place that have greatly increased my efficiency and have set The Local Tourist up for incredible growth. These systems include proposals for our signature events, which have meant increased event bookings and sales. It’s also helped me expand my team of contributors so they can focus on adding content while I focus on building the business. Probably the most important result of Peg’s mentoring is our quarterly status reports which outline our goals and enable me to check on the progress toward those goals, to see the big picture and to organize into manageable tasks. Peg keeps me on track and focuses on what’s going to make my business both scalable and profitable. Having a mentor that I respect, like and trust is helping me realize my dreams. I couldn’t have done it without Peg.”

Peg says of Theresa’s progress: “As I’ve worked with Theresa I’ve seen her become a real business person, thinking about delegating what she can, tracking expenses, planning for the next month, quarter and year in writing, and measuring her progress. I’m very proud of her achievements and the web business she has built.”

To learn more about Theresa’s business, check out her company’s website at: