The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Is Born

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Is Born
Belly Vita is a unique woman-owned business, founded from a passion “to inspire moms- to-be to embrace their beauty, feel beautiful and celebrate the journey of motherhood.”

Its products offer women sophisticated and luxurious spa-type experience during pregnancy and beyond.

After three years of research and development, Belly Vita launched the first patentpending product, Belly Imprint tm Spa Treatment and Sculpting Kit. The kit does just what the name suggests: it combines fabric, sculpting power and water to render a permanent “belly sculpture” that creates a lasting imprint of the mother’s beauty during pregnancy. Women receive an all-in-one pampering experience while creating a unique piece of art to decorate the nursery or elsewhere in the home. It is quickly becoming a must-have baby shower gift. Within weeks of launch, Belly Imprint was selected by a New York Times Company,, as one of the “Top Pregnancy Gifts of 2007 for the upcoming holiday season” for a national media event in New York. Belly Vita partnered with a dermatologist, aromatherapist, chemist and product design team to develop its products and will offer Belly Design Kits and a full skincare line in fall 2007.

Christine Kurban and Kori Gassawy, cofounders of Belly Vita, knew they has a viable product after their market research reported excitement and demand for their ideas. Although both had extensive marketing background, they knew they needed professional help on financial modeling and forecasting, investment offering structures, venture capital requirements and other strategies for raising capital. They came to SCORE’s Chicago office at the recommendation of one of their advisors.

SCORE is a not-for-profit association of successful business executives who provide free one-on-one counseling, teach low-cost workshops and supply other resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“Over more than a year, during more than twenty sessions at SCORE’s offices (and ours) Marvin Lourie was instrumental in helping us finalize the business plan and financial forecasts,” Christine Kurban says. With SCORE’s support, Belly Vita launched in May 2007 and is already in Chicago, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Canada and gained instant media attention nationwide.

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