Ticche & Bea—Turning a hobby into a successful business

Ticche & Bea—Turning a hobby into a successful business
Turning her skill with a sewing machine into a new business concept, Mary Mertens conceived the idea of making quilts out of fragments of a child’s baby clothes so as to preserve the childhood memory in the form of a beautiful and useful item of comfort.

Any favorite fabric can be utilized in this manner. Mary refers to her product as Memory Quilts.

Being new to the world of business, Mary sought the expertise of SCORE and was counseled by SCORE counselor Dan Pollack. Dan helped Mary to analyze her customer base to determine opportunities for growth, to control her costs, to decide on pricing and in general to optimize her market potential.

As a result of Dan’s assistance, Mary was able to increase her sales by 37% despite the current economic climate and has hired seven new employees. As Mary said:

“When I originally chose Mr. Pollack as my SCORE counselor, I chose him because he was an English major (as I was in college). I thought that maybe he would understand the mind of a creative person and maybe go a little easy on me. I’m happy to report that he was never easy on me, and that is exactly what I needed. He is a true numbers guy, which is wonderful, because at the end of the day, if you’re not making money, you have a glorified hobby. He helped me see some hard truths that I had been conveniently ignoring.”