@WorkDesign—A Design for Success

@WorkDesign—A Design for Success
Graphic Designer Julia Archer was decorating her own workspace when she realized that it was way too difficult to find accoutrements, such as desks, seating, lighting, shelving, paper goods and other office products, that both looked good and functioned the way she needed them to.

“Wouldn’t it be nice”, she thought, “if you could get all these things in one place.”

This was the genesis of Julia’s ambition to open her own business. But she had no background in retailing and, on the recommendation of a friend who had previously been helped by Marge Schneider of SCORE, she sought out Marge’s assistance. What Marge did for Julia is best summarized in Julia’s own words:

“Marge was genuinely committed to my success with the time and thought she gave to every phase of the process. Marge provided a framework that allowed me to maintain the momentum while ensuring that I was clearly addressing each aspect of the process so that it aligned with my business strategy niche. Through our monthly meetings, I was able to share both my accomplishments and my concerns knowing that I would walk away from our 2-hour sessions with a clear outline of objectives to focus on and keep me on track. Our sessions gave me the confidence and capability to meet my timelines and goals for creating a store that truly reflects my vision. Marge understood the standards that I was looking to achieve and set the tone for assuring that I met those expectations.”

Julia opened her store in Forest Park last April and has already met with enthusiastic acceptance by customers. Find her on the web at www.atworkdesign.com