Xenos Media Group

Xenos Media Group

In 2010 Antony Adolf founded Xenos Media Group, a one-stop media shop that provides “fit-to-budget”
targeted media production, marketing and social/new media services.

He saw a need in the small business market for his services, but he realized that he needed help in starting and growing his venture.

That is when he sought the assistance of SCORE, where he received the counseling of SCORE counselor Marjorie Schneider. Marge listened and evaluated, and then worked with Antony to strategize and determine action steps for starting and growing his business, which included concept definition, global strategy, marketing, public relations and financials. Antony also diligently attended several SCORE workshops.

As a result, Antony was not only able to launch his business earlier this year but has since seen a steady growth in his customer base. What he learned from Marge Schneider and the SCORE workshops enabled him to make his sales strategy more effective, to manage projects more efficiently, and to leverage existing operations for greater returns on investment.

As Antony said of Marge’s help: “Marge has been a mentor in the fullest sense of the word, part coach, part cheerleader, part constructive critic, and an expert advisor on business matters ranging from basics of the start-up phase to advanced corporate strategy and beyond. When issues arose outside her area of expertise, there was a network of experienced mentors to help.” And of the SCORE workshops, he had this to say: “SCORE workshops are not only opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge to help start and grow your business, they are great networking events to meet potential partners, clients and vendors.”

Xenos Media Group’s website is, XenosMediaGroup.com