Amit Shrivastava and Poonam Gupta, Owners of Inspired Care Home Health & Featured Business Owners


Meet Amit Shrivastava and Poonam Gupta, owners of Inspired Care Home Health and Featured Business Owner at SCORE Chicago this week.  Learn their story and what tips they have for your success.

What is your company’s elevator pitch?

Inspired Care Home Health provides professional and affordable option to seniors to live independently in the comfort of their own home by providing them assistance with activities of daily living (such as Bathing, Dressing, Toileting etc) and other caring services (such as fall prevention, transportation, running errands, medication reminders etc)

Who are your clients and give an example of how you served that person or business?

Majority of our clients are Seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, those who had a surgery or stroke, live alone, are weak and at fall risk or the ones who need a companion to avoid going into depression.

We send our caregivers to senior’s home to provide care services. Our Caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified, and carefully selected individuals who are thoroughly screened, background checked, bonded, and insured.

Inspired Health Care, Chicago IL

What is your most successful sales strategy?  What works to bring you business?

At Inspired Care Home Health, we recognize the challenges and concerns family members face when selecting appropriate home care options. So, we take time to understand their loved one’s needs and then customize a care solution that’s right just for them.

Our biggest strength is our ability to match client personality very closely with that of caregivers through a method called Personality Mapping, which is based on the concept of Online Dating. This works because when a senior has to stay with a caregiver for 8 or 10 or 12 hours a day, their personalities need to be compatible. This approach has helped us achieve a very high client as well as employee satisfaction rate.

Who is your Mentor and how they have helped you in your business?

Seymour Stoller and Jennifer Lang are our business mentors. Both Seymour and Jennifer have been instrumental in providing us excellent advise on hiring and retaining quality employees. They provided great ideas every time we came to them with problem as we did not have any experience building business and managing employees. As first time entrepreneurs, we were unsure about many things and it was very comforting to know that SCORE mentors are on our side and we can bounce of our ideas and get unbiased advice.

Jennifer even reviewed our entire handbook and looked at our hiring process and streamlined it tremendously. Seymour always helped me think outside the box and provided really good ideas. We feel that both Seymour and Jennifer have played a key role in our success.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in business that might help others?

If you do the right thing for your customers, success will follow automatically. Your customer’s testimonial will become your strongest marketing tool.

What is your website for further info?

Our business mentors can help you, too!

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