How To Find a Mentor With Specific Skills or Expertise


Are you looking for a good but free business mentor with specific skills or expertise?  Try SCORE, a nonprofit organization of volunteers affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

mentor skills and expertise


SCORE Mentors With Specific Skills

The SCORE Association has an extensive database of mentors with these skills and expertise, all over the country.

Business finance and accounting
Business operations
Business strategy and planning
Government and regulations
Human resources and internal communications
Intellectual property
Legal services (we do
Manufacturing and product development
Sales, marketing and public relations
Supply chain management
Technology and IT services

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Mentors Available With This Expertise

After you select an option, you will see an array of available mentors and a brief summary of their expertise, which looks like this.

SCORE mentors with specific skills

You can search within this list of mentors by zip code if you wish.

SCORE Mentor Profile Example

Just click the VIEW MENTOR PROFILE link below any mentors summary (shown in the red box) to view more details.

Mentors With Specific Expertise


How To Contact The Mentor

Under the mentor’s photo, you can see the communication methods the mentor has chosen – in person, email, or video.

To contact a mentor, click the link in the upper right corner that says either CONTACT [FIRST NAME], if they are available currently, or CONTACT x’s CHAPTER if they are not.  You will get a form to fill out describing your needs and contact information.

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