Business Finances and Basic Accounting Workshop, Chicago

The “Financial Management and Money” workshop covers basic accounting principles and concepts that are essential for decision making in any business. Learn to understand and use the simple financial statements.  This business finances workshop will also cover various ways that you might finance your small business

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Next Workshops   11/13/17 and 12/12/17

Topics Covered in This Business Finances Workshop


Business Financial Workshop and Basic Accounting Workshop

1.   The role accounting plays in business
2.   Types of accounting methods
3.   Chart of Accounts
4.   The basic financial statements
5.   The use of debits and credits
6.   Entries to the financial statements
7.   The complete steps of the accounting cycle
8.   Product/Job Costing
9.   Cash Flow Projections
10. Where to go for financing

“Financial Management and Money” is a half day workshop offered monthly at the downtown office of SCORE Chicago. It costs $50.

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Primary Workshop Presenter

Rhonda Henderson is a Founding Partner of Lucbene Consulting – a boutique firm specializing in small business training/development and ‘back office’ servicing for organizations seeking sustainability and growth. Along with the consulting firm, she also owns/partners in other area small businesses. Rhonda is a Business Professor and the Workshop Chair for the SCORE Chicago Chapter.

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