LinkedIn ProFinder – Mega Guide to A Freelance Marketplace


If you are a business or individual with a business project to get done, find freelance pros without charge on LinkedIn Profinder.

If you are a freelancer or consultant, find good clients.

Start here ==> for an introduction to LinkedIn ProFinder. This post will give you the overview of LinkedIn’s freelance marketplace service.

What does LinkedIn ProFinder Cost? Is it Free?  Learn whether LinkedIn ProFinder is free and about any ProFinder cost to businesses or freelancers. See also details about its Free Trial.

ProFinder For Business Clients

How Can You Find Freelancers Using LinkedIn ProFinder  If you are already a member of LinkedIn, just follow these four simple steps to the freelancers you need.

VIDEO Find Expert Freelancers For Projects on LinkedIn ProFinder (2016) 

ProFinder For Pros – Freelancers and Consultants

How To Get Freelance Jobs From LinkedIn ProFinder  In summary, here are the steps: 1. Connect to LinkedIn Profinder, 2) Apply and get accepted, 3) Check your inbox regularly for Proposal Requests, 4) For a project that is a good fit, submit a 1 page Proposal, 5) If there is mutual interest, discuss and finalize details.

VIDEO LinkedIn ProFinder – Find Freelance Jobs & Consulting 

VIDEO Find Clients on LinkedIn ProFinder – Freelancers & Consultants (Dec, 2017)

VIDEO LinkedUn ProFinder (2018) Is It Worth The Cost for Consultants, Freelancers? 

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How Does LinkedIn ProFinder Compare to Upwork?  Learn the differences between LinkedIn Profinder and Upwork from both the business client and freelancer sides. Discover the pros and cons for each.

VIDEO Upwork vs ProFinder [2018] 4 Differences, Costs Explained 

Profinder Application Process For Pros

VIDEO Linkedin Profinder Profile Example And Acceptance Letter 

VIDEO ProFinder Application Process – Screenshots To Apply As A Pro 

ProFinder Pros – Best Practices

LinkedIn ProFinder Profiles for Freelancers – Best Practices  Put your best foot forward with a Linkedin Profinder Profile that will impress potential clients. Learn best practices for freelancers.

LinkedIn ProFinder Proposal Requests – Freelancers, Get More Relevant Ones  Learn why, as a freelancer or consultant, you are not getting the LinkedIn Proposal Proposal Requests you want, and how to fix that.

LinkedIn ProFinder Proposal Tips for Freelancers  Learn LinkedIn Profinder Proposal tips and best practices to find the best freelancers for your project. Discover how to get the results you need.

LinkedIn ProFinder Proposals – How To Write Ones That Result in Leads    Learn the mistakes one freelance consultant made on his Profinder Proposals, and find best practices to turn those leads into clients.

VIDEO Get [Relevant] LinkedIn ProFinder Requests From Prospects 

LinkedIn ProFinder Reviews by Freelancers  What do LinkedIn Profinder reviews by various pros say about its ability to build business profitably? See what coaches, consulting, writers etc say.  VIDEO review Linkedin ProFinder Review [2018] Speech Consultant 

VIDEO LinkedIn ProFinder [2018] Vacations [Freelancer Best Practices] 

VIDEO LinkedIn ProFinder [2018] Out of Area Requests – What To Do 

VIDEO LinkedIn ProFinder Badge – What It Is, How To Create One

ProFinder Resources

LinkedIn Profinder Blog, Social and Resources  Get links to the LinkedIn Profinder Blog, contact form, social media properties and help pages. Find resources to help you make better matches.

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