The SBA and SCORE-CHICAGO invite you to participate in, “Manage Hub Accelerator,” an intensive, hands-on, 8-week business accelerator program designed for leaders who are determined to build solid, organized, innovative, lean-operating, and profitable companies that are prepared for rapid growth.

Every step of the Manage Hub Accelerator course has been carefully designed to provide you with incredible value. Benefits include access to free ManageHub Accelerator management software, team-building tools, training, and support. Topics covered include process improvement, team-building, leadership development, employee engagement, and strategic planning. Our objective is to help you improve your company and prepare it to breakthrough to its next level of success.

Manage Hub Accelerator requires about 9-hours of classroom time and 30 hours of homework.

Please complete the signup form below and we will email you the Manage Hub brochure and application. Your application includes your first assignment. The assignment will take about 2-hours to complete and is due with your application.

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If you need help completing your application, assignment or setting up your company’s ManageHub, you can access free, online support sessions by visiting: or

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